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“They’re here!” It’s the Invasion of the Body Snatchers!!

Filed under: Class blog posts — Natalie Bernabe at 12:49 am on Saturday, November 5, 2011

  Our first horror film! It was actually pretty decent and interesting, especially considering that it is from 1956! Douglas Sirk, the director, does a superb job of creating this sort of eerie atmosphere underlining this seemingly normal Californian town. The music also helps with this sort of feeling as well. The story is a sci-fi thriller about an alien invasion. The invaders are cultivated in large plant pods and copy humans while they sleep and take over them.  They are seemingly perfect to their counterparts, except for the fact that they are emotionless. The story also shows how a local doctor, Dr. Miles Bennell and his girlfriend, Becky Discoll, learn of these pod people and try to escape them.

There is a sort of miscommunication of how in fact this movie is an allegory of pr0-comminist to anti-communist themes. Personally, i did see some pro-communist qualities,  such as the scene where 2 pod people try to convince Miles that the invasion is a good thing, because humans are much better off without ridiculous emotions such as love. Where everyone should be all the same and devoid of emotion, to be equal, which communism tries to encourage. The anti-communism theme, would probably be the portrayal of communism ‘infecting’ the human population, causing us to ‘lose one’s soul’. Thus, not even considered a human any longer. Douglas Sirk did not admit to this at all, instead saying that he felt people  were emotionless about cultural things,that they had no feeling of pain, or of sorrow. He decided to depict this in a thriller, although it is not a huge theme.

Some scenes that i found note-worthy and interesting to the storyline was probably the small strange details on the town. Such as when the Saturday morning where Becky and Miles have stayed awake in his office in order to escape the pod people, and they look outside. He comments that, although it looks like a bustling, busy Saturday morning, with a bus dropping off people and everything, it was way too early to be so. The phone rings, the police car drives off, and then, the music changes to a sort of low eerie sound. Many people walk up to the town square, all at once, and this is not normal. One gets the feeling of something strange and unfamiliar, at least that’s what I felt. If that was to happen on a Saturday morning, and I look out the window to see a bunch of people silently going towards one location, I would be SO terrified.

Another scene is when Miles kills his copy that is forming. He tells them to run and find a safe place, and stabs the pod with a pitchfork. The fact that they were ale to create the pretty creepy scene right before, showing the pods burst out with seeds, using just soup bubbles and simple man-made effects was truly great. As well as the panic that stirred within us, when Miles and Becky are trying to get away from the mob, and Becky shows such exhaustion that the audience feels tense if they are or not going to make it. Then the scene were she turns into a pod person, and Miles is terrifying that his love is no longer ‘alive’. Finally, the scene where Miles escapes from the pod people and frantically screams to the cars and, to us as well, “they’re here already!”. They should have left it at that, I believe it would have the left us feeling a bit paranoid and slightly disturbed instead of the fake ‘goodwill’ ending that has the doctor calling the FBI.


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December 14, 2011 @ 5:44 am

The effects in this movie were really something else , never thought some bubbles would creep me out haha I liked your observations about the town square if that was me I would be equally freaked out ! Liked how you described the changes in the music because i feel like it played a big part in the film.

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