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It’s a girl’s world :)

Filed under: R-r-random! — Natalie Bernabe at 4:34 pm on Monday, August 29, 2011


The only reason I would write such a title is because it’s sorta, semi-true. I mean, not to be sexist, but where do babies come from? Anyway, that was off topic from this shish-kabob of stuff that I’m supposed to write. I’ve only ever written in journals, and never actually kept track of them… this is new to me. I’m even using a computer from a public library since my other 2 are either broken down or really slow. A blog. BLOG. GOLB (just kidding). It is really odd. I’ve only read novels about people who tell their life stories and personal mumbo-jumbo on blogs. Not only that, it’s for class.  How amazingly different, and it’s for movie reviews! New experiences are so welcome in my book. Time to get started.


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